Improving the Customer Experience by Anticipating Customer Needs and Optimising Work to Provide Faster and More Effective Outcomes Through Intelligent Enterprise

Put simply, digital disruption and business transformation are creating a wealth of opportunities to improve processes, services and products. However many are reluctant to implement these changes owing to a lack of understanding, a need to justify spend and an uncertainty as to who to use for this.

At the heart of these changes lies RPA, automation, machine-learning, hyper-personalisation, chat-bots, NLP and a whole host of other terms, which fall under the broader term of artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly this will revolutionise the way businesses operate irrespective of industry sector, however the market is only beginning to adapt to these applications.

CX Artificial Intelligence will bring together thought-leaders offering cross-industry and global perspectives on current and future challenges. This will provide you with the opportunity to interact, engage and network with international peers, aligning on the same goals; to drive improvements across CX by harnessing the true potential of AI.

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We put this event together after having researched with an advisory panel of Heads of Customer Experience and Chief Innovation Officers who are currently using artifical intelligence and intelligence enterprise tools in their own organsiations. The aim of  the event is to help our attendees with getting from point A of brand interaction with customers being mostly reactive to point B where artificial intelligence, Robotice Process Automation and intelligent enterprise tools enable companies to be proactive through a greater understanding of their customer requirements.

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