6th - 7th November 2018 | United Kingdom

Cary Cusumano

CX Design Strategist

4:15 PM Big Data – Small Data

Many emerging trends now compete for CMO mindshare as businesses are beginning to recognize that customer experience is overtaking product performance as the top driver of brand equity.  Big data and predictive analytics account for a sizable portion of this mindshare as they offer the promise of improved returns from targeted selling and propensity to buy.  But while big data is proving a strong asset in selling to customers, it is remarkably weak at guiding businesses in serving those customers.  CMOs need to beware the potential hazards of trying to predict future behavior using big data without first understanding what the small data is saying about the past.  In this session you will hear:

  • How small data reveals customer insights that big data cannot
  • Why big data’s attempts to personalize offerings can often feel impersonal
  • Why businesses need to embrace both big data and small data to create a superior end-to-end customer experience
  • Why an effective small data practice can be the key that unlocks the ability implement your omnichannel service strategy

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Cary .

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