6th - 7th November 2018 | United Kingdom

Sol Rashidi

Chief Data & Cognitive Officer
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Sol is a Thought Leader in the Data, Robotics, AI, and IT space. She is a competency player who solves complex Business, IT, and Operational problems and helps companies with large Transformational Programs. Sol currently holds 3 patents in the Information Management space and is a keynote speaker at several technology conferences speaking on various topics such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Data & Analytics, and Emerging Operating Models. Prior to joining Royal Caribbean, Sol was a Partner at Ernst & Young in the Data & Analytics practice, and before that she was a part of the 1st generation of leaders taking WATSON to market at IBM. Sol has a unique ability in bridging the gap between Business and IT. Her deep understanding of multiple functional disciplines (i.e. change management, enterprise data, application architecture, process re-engineering, sales, etc.) enables her to drive change by articulating the need for change in organizations that otherwise wouldn’t evolve with the emerging market place.

9:30 AM Artificial Intelligence – Evolution or Revolution?

  • AI is currently offered as a fix-all solution to all business challenges. Are there limits to what can be achieved
  • How can your business overcome the challenge of delivering on the hype to executives who want to take advantage of the next big trend
  • Does AI offer genuine disruption or an evolution towards technology playing a larger role in business processes

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sol.

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